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Sunday, 23 April 2017

“Instant 8 Thing” Not Practice in a Marriage Can Cause Divorce in a Marriage.

What is take for a man or a woman to have a long lasting relationship with his or her spouse in a marriage                                                                                                                      marriage is an institution that cannot be graduated from, many people in the world have being finding it difficult to have a long lasting relationship with their spouse in a marriage because they do not practices the things that will make the marriage a long lasting one, as a result that causes divorce in many families In the world today, whether you believe it or not this is what is happening every day. There was a story of a man that get marriage to his wife but the marriage did not last long, I now ask myself what may be the cause of their divorce after being married not up to two months old, ‘ and most of our marriage today we like taking our wives to the altar of God for blessing and also to make a covenant that both will say  in pain, poor, rich, sickness, health, they will be there for each other, but at the end of the day they divorce and separate which may lead to so many danger because you may not know the new one you about to marry whether he or she is worse than the first husband or wife. In the article I want to disclose 8 things that when not practice in a relationship can cause divorce in a marriage. But before will go in to that let me ask a question is it good for a man or woman to have a happy family?
“Instant 8 Thing” Not Practice in a Marriage Can Cause Divorce in a Marriage.
The answer to this question is “yes”, because it create more respect for you in the society at large, and also you will be a role model for other to follow, you will also be a mentor to other if you have a successful family not only having money alone. There are many celebrities and rich men and women today in the world that have bad reputation not because they are thief or one bad thing or the other but they do not just have a good family home, what I mean is being as husband and wife in a family. Now that we have known the important of a good family home, a parable once said “if the use of something is not known, abuse is inevitable”. Let  us go straight to the point in question, the 8 things to be practice to have a good and a long lasting relationship are:
  •       Love – This is the foundation
  •       Respect – The tonic for health and long relationship
  •       Honesty –The glue
  •       Loyalty – Remain for ever
  •       Trust – To be one       
  •       Understanding- The way
  •       Money – To feed each other
      Above all God fearing
The above 8 thing that can be practice are the are the password to unlock a long lasting relationship
1.   Love is the Foundation of every relationship, “if you don’t learn to love you will not be love too” love is very important in a relationship if you want your relationship to be a long lasting one.
2.   Respect is a tonic for health and long relationship. An English man once said “Respect is reciprocal” do respect your spouse in any condition as far as both of you are Husband and Wife.
3.   Honesty is a glue, a relationship free of deceit; truthful and sincere, this will stimulate the bond of the relationship to be a long lasting one.
4.   Loyalty is very important because it make both the Husband and the Wife to remain forever.
5.   Trust is very essential thing that is inevitable if a long lasting relationship will be achieve, it makes the couples to become one, 1+1=1.
6.   Understanding is an essential key point; many couple in the world never learns to understand their spouse, that is why they cannot understand themselves for many years of staying together. Try to learn what your spouse likes or hates and adapt to that with understanding in other to have a good relationship.
7.   Money is essential in a marriage because it make it possible for the things needed in the family to be meant like food stuff, paying of bills, and much more…
8.   God fearing, all the above mention are all important but above all God faring someone always care for others too, learn to fear God to have a long lasting marriage or relationship with your spouse.
So far, all well said but I will like to hear from you how this article has help you or what you have learned from it, drop your comment or tell me the thing that you feel should be added that is not added to improve my writing in other for me to serve you better.  Thanks for your time am David George.

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